Anything Goes!

When was the first time a video game moved you?

I can still clearly remember when my mother bought me a game for the first time as a child.
In front of my eyes, a completely different world opened up. I felt everything was possible. Playing a new game felt like opening a candy box every time. I couldn`t wait to see what was in there, and what kind of adventures would await me across the monitor.
However, I also feel that in recent years, too many games have become conservative.

For me, the best video game experiences I had were similar to experimental music or movies. I grew up with the films of Shinya Tsukamoto or Takashi Miike, and experimental musicians like Einstuerzende Neubauten or Merzbow. To me, these people felt never afraid to break conventions or ignore norms. They followed their own visions.

I believe that breaking with established rules and following one`s own vision can be key to creating unique and captivating experiences. And so, at Phoenix Game Productions our goal is to follow this philosophy to create impactful and surprising titles to share with the world.

Daniel Hedjazi,
Studio Head of Phoenix Game Productions

Daniel Hedjazi

The Three Pillars of Phoenix

1 – Creative Development Mixing Different Types of Media

At Phoenix, we love all types of entertainment. Games, comics, films… you name it.
As such, our goal is to not restrict ourselves by the definition of games, but instead focus on unique experiences, that work with all kinds of different mediums.
Comics integrated into games or games based on movies are only some examples related to our current projects.

2 – Open Approach Towards Different Genres

Our company is in the wonderful position of working together with other companies on large-scale titles, while also developing original indie titles on a small scale.
This allows us to work within a variety of genres and approach different workflows, while making sure that we always put our own unique note on things, no matter the size or style.

3 – Flexible Development Style

No matter how much we all love development, getting a rest and free time is equally important for us as creative people.

At Phoenix, we are focusing completely on a next-gen telework approach, which allows our members to work from home with a relatively flexible schedule, while coordinating meetings or discussions via chat software. Important face-to-face meetings are held at cafes or shared offices, or sometimes even on the outside if the weather is good enough!
Work machines and other necessary equipment is of course provided by the studio.