Take a deep dive into the criminal underground of Tokyo as the feared “Shinjuku Vampire” Kobayashi.
Equipped with a mystical sword and supernatural powers fueled by the blood of his fallen enemies, Kobayashi takes out Tokyo’s craziest lunatics for just the right price.

However, as Tokyo gets overrun by the mysterious Flatliners, a whole new world of insanity and depravity opens up in front of Kobayashi.

Combat System – Blood is Everything

Blood is everything in the world of TUK.
It’s the key to survival – every collected vial of blood revives a small bit of your health.
It unlocks mystical powers – with a full blood gauge, you can unleash one of your 13 magical blood skills, like fire tornadoes, magic fists or earth quakes.
It gives you superhuman strength – if you collect more blood with a full blood gauge, you temporarily become more agile, until you overdose on blood and crash down again

Combat System – Slash and Shoot your enemies

Use your trustworthy Katana “Jubokko” to slash through enemy hordes and block their relentless attacks.
If your sword doesn’t cut it anymore, pick up subweapons scattered around the maps for additional firepower.
No problem if you run out of ammo – just through your empty weapon at your opponent for additional damage.

Flatliners – Japanese Beauty meets Futuristic Technology

Japanese mask designs interwoven with futuristic technology build the foundation for the game’s enemies – the flatliners.
Each flatliner has its own trick up its sleeve – understanding their movement and attack pattern is crucial to survival.

Explore Tokyo’s underground to take out insane targets!

Explore a feverdream-like version of Tokyo drenched in Neon.
Fight through missions based on real locations like Akihabara or Shinjuku and assassinate dangerous bosses.

Enjoy leisure activities between missions

After a hard day of work, stroll around the Shinjuku Hub. Use your hard earned cash to buy music, idol goods or figurines.
Afterwards decorate your apartment with all the bought goods to make it truly yours!

An otherworldly story, come to live as a dynamic manga!

Taking place in the never sleeping city of Tokyo, experience the story of Kobayashi, a blood sucking assassin who wants to leave his job but gets entangled in a web of dangerous missions by his employer – the secret organization Gokuraku.
Each scene is lovingly drawn by the German Manga artist Hans “Heavy Metal Hanzo” Steinbach

A pulsating, electric soundtrack by Andrew Hulshult!

Over 60 minutes of original, hard and dirty electronic music from the depraved mind of Andrew Hulshult.